EPA -High efficiency wood stove sale or trade - (Bel Air for sale in Baltimore, Maryland


High efficiency wood stove. Large fire box, Glass door. Used 2 seasons and never overfired. Works perfectly.
This will re-burn the wood gas and give off a lot of heat with a minimal use of wood. Very tight Brick lined wood burning chamber. Clean burning and long lasting. Load it up, damp it down and it will burn 7-8 hrs straight. I have also burned the wood bricks in this unit. It works well but I don't like the smell of the bricks. But it is a lot cleaner. Also has a damper to let in outside air.
This unit heated an entire 2100 sq ft 200 year old farmhouse to 70 degrees all winter on 4 cords of wood!!! thats burning 24/7.
Here are the specifications- I will sell this or trade for a pellet stove. I lost my wood supply and frankly am tired of cutting wood every year! If you have a pellet stove that is worth more than this stove then I am not opposed to adding some cash to the deal.
One of the most advanced, most unique large firebox wood burners (3.5 cu. ft.)
Super-clean burn (1.63 grams/hr.) makes this the cleanest-burning large firebox on the market
Potential of 75,000+ BTU's* when burning seasoned cordwood
High-tech firebox design (non-catalytic) for cleaner burn, more heat and more efficient burn times
E.P.A. Certified!
(Approx.): 23 1/4" W x 29 3/4" H x 31" D
(Approx. height w/pedestal)
Weight: 475 lbs.
AC-G30 glass: 11 1/4" x 15 1/8"
Firebox size: 3.5 cu. ft.
Flue size ID: 6"
Flue height to top exhaust: Approx. 28 1/4"
Type of fuel: Wood
Door opening size: 11" x 15"
Ash drawer
Firebox is about 22" deep. I can fit a 24" log in diagonally.
Its obviously not a picture of the exact unit, I used the brochure picture because my camera is broke, but it looks exactly the same but with dirtier glass! It looks just like the picture when you are burning too. You have a stove, and you can also see the fire like a fireplace. The glass stays clean because the draft recirculates over the door and burns away the soot. It only gets a little sooty when you burn green wood!! but you're not supposed to do that!!
Call or email through this ad - I also have the manual and it is very easy to get parts. Parts are much less expensive that Vermont castings and those other fancy stoves. My brother has the same stove and after 6 years he finally had to replace the door gasket and the stainless tubes in the reburner.You can rebuild this totally for a couple hundred dollars. My old Vermont castings was about 600.00 just for the catalytic burner and the fire brick.
Location: Bel Air

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